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Boron Nitride Powder BN cas 10043-11-5

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  • Brand Trun
  • Type Tr-BN
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BN  Application: 
As super hard materials, it can be used in subsurface investigation, oil drilling and high speed cutting tools; Metal forming and metal drawing lubricant release agent; A special high-temperature electrolysis state, resistor material; Solid lubricant;
Transistors and plastic resin sealing desiccant polymer additives;
Pressed into various shapes of boron nitride products, can be used as high temperature, high voltage, insulation, cooling components;
The aerospace industry in the heat shielding material;
The participation in the catalyst, high temperature high pressure treatment can be converted to hard as diamond cubic boron nitride;
Mold release for die casting and injection molding;
Thermally conductive filler for polymers; Composite ceramics, e.g. evaporation boats;
Starting material for hot-pressed BN parts; 
This product has a crystal structure similar to graphite layered structure, showing loose, smooth, easily absorbed, light and other traits. Theoretical density: 2.29g/cm3, mohs hardness: 2, and extremely stable chemical properties. In the use of nitrogen or argon, temperatures can reach up to 2800 °C. It not only has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, but also high thermal conductivity. It is a good conductor of heat, and is a typical electrical insulator.

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