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The influence factors of whisker growth.

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Main factors that affect the growth of whiskers: 

1 Temperature

Temperature can affect the crystal form, conversion rate, surface shape and microstructure etc.
Zhang Jingxian [8] used direct nitridation to study the temperature effect on crystal growth, the study found that elevated temperatures are conducive to crystal growth
conversion rate. The product coexists at 1400°C, Only beta phase at 1850°C. In addition, with the increase of temperature, silicon nitride crystal change from linear to long columnar.

2 Additives
The choice and amount of additives can affect the rate of nitridation, conversion,
Whisker growth significantly. 

3 Selection of protective atmosphere in whisker growth

Current study shows that different preparation methods will be different in selection of atmosphere

4 The effect of liquid phase on whisker growth
The liquid phase in whisker growth has a direct relationship in the growth behavior of whiskers and
its composition.  and can be controlled by the droplet size and composition to control the whisker diameter and performance. It's  generally believed that the droplets can be introduced naturally (ie, from equipment that produces whiskers), or from the raw material or through the gas phase. 

5 Other factors
Impurity content, type, raw material purity, atmosphere pressure will have a great impact on the growth of whiskers with different preparation methods and growth mechanisms 

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