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Product List

  • Ga2Se3 Gallium Selenide CAS 12024-24-7

    Product name: Gallium Selenide MF: GA2Se3 Purity: 99.99%~99.999% CAS NO: 12024-24-7

  • HgSe Mercury selenide CAS 20601-83-6

    Product name: Mercury Selenide Appearance: Gray black Purity: 99.99%~99.999% Density: 8.266 CAS: 20601-83-6 Application:Used in the manufacture of solar cells, thin film transistors, infrared detectors and ultrasonic amplifiers. Also used in the productio

  • CdSe cadmium selenide powder CAS 1306-24-7

    Product Name: Cadmium Selenide MF: CdSe CAS NO: 1306-24-7 EINECS NO: 215-148-3 Melting point: 1350 ℃ Density: 5.81g/cm Allication of cadmium selenide: For electron emitters and spectroscopic analysis, photoconductors, semiconductors, photosensors, etc. 13

  • Bi2Se3 bismuth selenide powder CAS 12068-69-8

    Product name: bismuth selenide MF: Bi2Se3 Appearance: black CAS NO: 12068-69-8 Purity: 99.99%~99.999% Application: Semi conductive material

  • WSe2 Tungsten selenide powder CAS NO 12067-46-8

    Product information about tungsten selenide powder WSe2 powder: Product name: tungsten selenide powder Particle size of tungsten selenide powder: 10-20micron powder tungsten selenide powder purity: 99.8%-99.99% Appearance: black powder tungsten selenide p

  • Tin selenide powder Stannous selenide powder  CAS NO 1315-06

    Product information about tin selenide powder SnSe: Product name: tin selenide powder Tin selenide powder purity: 99.99%-99.999% Tin selenide powder MF: SnSe Molecular weight of tin selenide powder: 197.67 CAS NO of tin selenide powder: 1315-06-6 EINECS o

  • MnSe powder manganese selenide powder CAS NO 1313-22-0

    Composition and inforamtion about manganese selenide MnSe powder: Ingredient CAS NO Percent ACGIH (TWA) OSHA (PEL) Title compound 1313-22-0 100% 0.2mg/m3 as Mn 5mg/m3 (as Mn) Color and Form:-20 mesh black xtl Molecular Weight:133.9 Odor: not determined Ha

  • FeCuSn alloy powder

    Product Features: Large surface area, high activity, low sintering temperature, high density, good flexural strength with a certain fragility, good for the sharpness of the tools. Main Application: Ceramics, stone grinding tools, diamond tool bit, improvi

  • FeNiCu pre alloy powder

    Chemical Composition FeNiCu Oxygen Content(%) 0.60 Laser Granularity D50(um) 5.6-6.5 Theoretical Density(g/cm3) 8.31 Main uses and features: The expansion coefficient is small, which is mainly used for glass sealing and soft glass sealing of various elect

  • FeCuCo pre alloy powder

    GRADE DATA Theoretical Density(g/cm3) 7.98 H2-Loss(%) 0.65 Apparent Density(g/cm3) 0.5-0.7 Tap Density(g/cm3) 0.8-1.0 D10 Laser(um) 2.0-4.5 D50 Laser(um) 18.0-24.5 D90 Laser(um) 63.5-68.0 Product Features: Good flowability, large surface area, high activi

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